Introduction to produce mass website traffic all year round

I spent a month honing my writing skills i can write 1 article a day aside from having a 9-5 jobs as a sales assistant at a computer store.

The first struggle during my time as an internet marketer was how can i promote my article? I don’t have any experience in seo also i have very little experience posting on social media.

I tried searching online for methods jumping from blogs to forums to gurus and try to find a traffic method that is fit for me to pursue and i found out that there are so much techniques to choose i would say that these traffic promotion techniques are effective based on your patience and personality.

Some techniques requires time before you start seeing results while others need money and study the results right away. The following are some of the traffic promotion methods gleaned from various websites.

Social media marketing

When i first learn about social media marketing i thought that you need to shell out money to promote on their ad platform but i found out that there are many ways to generate traffic on these websites for free.

Social media is a place where viral content usually starts. Depending on the article’s controversy or mystery people share posts that piques their interest, a good headline is your best weapon combine with current news or event that is trending online you’ll surely capture the interest of these people resulting in shares and mass amounts of traffic.

A good place for that is by using facebook groups. People on facebook have groups that targets a certain topic just make sure that you are not spamming.

Reddit also called the front page of the internet has some sort of groups but they call it subreddits, these subredits focuses on different topics and people are very active on this social platform placing a link is very easy, spamming is also frowned upon by redditors and admins, they can look on your profile to check if youre there just to promote a product or services without the intention of helping the community.

Search engine marketing:

The difference between social marketing and search marketing is that the former has the results you need once you post while the latter requires a very long time before seeing some traffic.

Search engine marketing requires technical analysis of a website these are the onpage and offpage seo, unlike social marketing seo requires knowledge in keyword research, each keyword has a traffic equivalent also called monthly visits. These visits are determined on how many people search for a certain keyword inside search engines like google, bing etc.

Once people start searching on google a search result shows with different websites based on a given keyword, To be able to place your website on these search results you need to learn 2 things and that is optimising your onpage and offpage.

Onpage optimisation requires that you need to fix your articles making sure that the keyword you target is inside meta description, title and tags. Make sure that you have good web hosting that has no downtime. Google has guidelines about onpage optimisations that you need to learn.

Offpage optimisation is about influencing factors outside your website hence the word offpage. In this method you need to utilize other websites in order to gain backlinks. These backlinks are consider as 1 vote in the eyes of search engines which gives you the edge to rank higher on results page.

In order for you to get links on these websites you need to place your page on blog comments, article directories etc. A word of caution: Not every websites are created equal some like news web ranks higher than a hobby website, it is based on authority. The more authority website you get your links on the higher you rank, on the other side placing your links on low quality website promotes penalties. You may search onlines about offpage guidelines created by google.

Email marketing:

After generating traffic you wouldnt know if the person visited your site will come back to read your articles or the algorithm of google changes making your website rank lower inside serps or your links was blacklisted inside social media sites cause by some competitor spamming across different platforms you cannot depend on these websites for a very long time.

Some webmasters rely on one traffic source and then they quit when they found out that those traffic source are not generating the same result. The best method for this is by utilising every visitor on your website by making them your subscribers.

Email marketing has been the source of reliable traffic before seo today it is still a viable option that is why ecommerce and authority websites still use them today.

To use this strategy you need to make sure that you have an opt in page popup inside your website, offering a coupon, ebook, a case study or just an info exclusive for your members will entice them to sign up their email. Once you have their email you can send them promotions or future updates.

Influencer marketing;

This method is done side by side with social media marketing and offpage optimisation. In this method you need to find influencers in your niche by going on in their social media profile or blog offering them an article that will help their readers solve a specific problem.

This is a double edge sword because it will help your blog gain backlinks when your article is posted in blogsite with your link back to your website.

When used in social marketing, when an influencer posts your article on their social page it will gain authority based on the influencers fame and follower count it will also gain social signal which is love by google making your webpage index faster.

All of these methods are proven but the success will be determine by the quality of your content. How it solves problems. Even if you post regularly on reddit people will see if the article has been copied on other sites or you are there just to promote rubbish content.

On the other hand if your website has a thin content then search engines will penalize you making your website push out of serps.

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