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Beginners Guide on how to Write Articles

Writing a blog

I’m sitting outside may shade sail patio under a sunny day thinking of what to do, it was a good weekend and finally it is time for me to relax and play my favorite video game until a friend came along to ask a question.

Hey dude i want to start a blog but i don’t have any skills in writing do you have any tips?

I am also getting this kind of emails every now and then so now i decided to write a post on how to make your own article wether for ecommerce, blogging or reviewing a product.

Writing a blog requires dedication, sometimes you need a space that is comfortable and peaceful, its like riding a bike, first you need to practice but once you get the hang of it you can write an article within 30 minutes some journalists can write within 10 minutes or less.

You don’t have to be an expert on a subject. writing is just like giving an information to a friend to provide something that solves their problems

Where to get ideas

Think about the subject and search on google on about the articles you are interested in, notice how they form an article, how they hold your attention or entertain you.

most of the writers spends time thinking more about their article headline than the whole body because that’s how readers gets entice to click and read the content some say that you should send atleast 90% of your time making the header an less on your content.

Notice some clickbait titles on youtube, News or entertainment blogs? that is where you should start but don’t copy other bloggers that use clickbait titles in order to get views and shortlive virality your headline is important but the content is always the king and will deliver the credibility that you need to survive inside the blogosphere.

You may also check websites that has groups like facebook and reddit,

How many articles a month

We are Human beings that have different tastes lots of activity and want to do multiple things in a short time. writing requires time it is like a muscle honing that muscle makes you adept at writing on a wide array of subjects.

You may start to write 1 article a month, the next month you may add 2 articles every two weeks, the next month you may write every week and so on. it is up to you just make sure that the quality is good has a good headline, Quality is more important than Quantity

As a blogger you don’t need to have a website before you start your journey as a blogger, you can practice on a paper or a computer but if you still want to post right away you may choose some free blogging platforms make it a habit write every day, read others work and watch some youtube videos within a month or two you can write more easily and the next thing that you need to do is how to promote your content on Social Media

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